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Customer Stories

"I love these cookies! The buttery homemade flavor is so irresistible, and they have the perfect texture all the way through - from the outer edges to the very middle of the scoop. I've shared them with all of my family and friends and they are always a crowd-pleaser."

-- Beth B. - Kansas City, MO

"Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever! The shape of the cookie makes them so fun to eat and I love the thick, chocolatey denseness of the cookie. It is not your typical Tollhouse!"

-- Ann E., Baton Rouge, LA

"The cookie started selling out immediately after its introduction to the offering list. The interest skyrocketed, and we could not keep up with the demand. We are used to follow-up phone calls about concessions, but they are usually complaints. However, since we inducted the Rooster 14 cookie, the phone calls are all inquiries about the cookies. Patrons are curious as to where to purchase these cookies outside of the theater..."

-- Horizon Theater, Atlanta, GA

"One day, we had our choice of flank steak and chicken teriyaki and the next, pulled pork or a tasty chicken salad. Everything was good, especially a salad with goat cheese and roasted pecans and my favorite, the pulled pork sandwich. (I have an extra in the fridge for dinner!) However her desserts were the real crowd pleasers. She is known for her chocolate chip cookies (for good reason) and is marketing these under the banner, Rooster 14..."

-- Piewacket Blog

Check out our review on Local Planet Atlanta.

We've also gotten some shout-outs in Yelp! reviews:

Savi Urban Market

"We got one of the homemade chocolate chip cookies and it was fantastic!"

-- Barry G., Stone Mountain, GA (read full review)

"All I have to say is Rooster 14 Cookies. Located near the check out register. Looks like a scoop of ice cream, but in reality, is a bundle of salty sweet chocolate chip goodness. I can't get enough & it is a problem. I go here for these alone. Enough said."

-- Josie P., Atlanta, GA (read full review)

Horizon Theater

"I really like this small theater, not only for the selection of plays but for the quality of the work. . . . . Oh and the concessions stand has really good cookies for $2 to $3, as well as drink specials. Great idea for a date or a fun night out with friends."

-- Cristina K., Atlanta, GA (read full review)

". . . The refreshments are also well priced (with a suggested donation). They have these cookies that are ridiculous especially with a glass of wine."

-- Molly D., Athens-Clarke County, GA (read full review)